The main offering to the presiding diety Ayyappan is “Chathursatha” prepared out of 101 nazhis (a local measurement coming to 300ml) of rice, 101 coconuts, 101 pala molasses (now 30 kgs) and 101 kadali plantains. This offering is believed to be Mahanivedya and effective for the fulfilment of all reasonable wishes like curing of fatal diseases, getting jobs, conducting of marriages.
A short form of this Mahanivedya is also available as Koothupayasa at lesser cost for those who cannot afford the expenses of a chathursatha. Other offerings like katinappayasam, neyyappam, thrimadhuram, nakshathrapooja are also available.
For Bhagavathy, rakthapushpanjali and muttarukkal (breaking of coconut) are very important offerings.
On every “utharam” star day, thanthri pooja is performed in the temple in the form of Saparivara pooja with Navaka and Sreebhoothabali. On that day, ie., once in every month a special pooja called panthiradipooja is being performed with special nivedya irattpayasam and at night trippuka also is performed.

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